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  • Mission Europe: Complete Set
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In Season Four of The Way of the Master TV program, join Ray Comfort and his faithful team as they travel across thirteen European countries in just thirteen days, witnessing to individuals and preaching open-air to crowds in each country. In this 13-DVD series, you will be captivated as you see members of the team being held by Italian police, as they preach outside the famed Notre Dame in beautiful Paris, and as an angry and drunken crowd becomes unruly when they hear the gospel in Belgium. Watch as the team witnesses to the lost at Germany's infamous Oktoberfest and in the bars of liberal Amsterdam. This unique and exciting adventure across the nations of Europe is hosted by Kirk Cameron.

DVD's include subtitles, closed-captioning and extra features.

"Thank you!!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you!!!!! I have watched Way of the Master since Season One and I honestly have to say that this the most professional setup I have seen as of yet!!!! You guys have far out done yourself on this one!!!!" Richard Ronnins (GA)
Customer Reviews
reviewed by: amylen
July 02, 2013
My sister loaned my family this series and we loved it. Plan on showing it at church. We liked the evangelism academy in California on the Monaco or Munich dvd. It was awesome! Also Hare Krishnas were hilarious. but sad.
reviewed by: EdsonF
December 22, 2012
Hey .... please I need to know if this DvD has a subtitles in Spanish cause I want to but it... but I need to know it....Thanks
reviewed by: christocentric
November 15, 2012
This is the best in the series yet! Takes everything from the seasons, and now shows you how to go out in the open with it now.
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