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How to Find God's Will & What Scares You?Ray Comfort Deeper 2010 #2

  • Evolution & How to Witness to a Family Member
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The Way of the Master Television Program is a 30-minute weekly evangelism TV show, airing on a variety of Christian networks. The second season has a total of thirteen episodes (Eps. 14-26).

This DVD contains two episodes:

21. Evolution
Is evolution scientific? Can it be proven? This isn't your typical dry treatise on the subject. It is flavored with lots of humor, beautiful photography, and good old fashioned common sense. Evolutionary believers themselves will show you how unintelligent this theory really is.

22. How to Witness to a Family Member
How do you best witness to your parents, siblings, children, or relatives? What do you say to them? Learn principles that will help you in this difficult area.
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