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  • In The Womb
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These tracts work well in conjunction with baby replicas. To start conversations with those considering abortion, show them the replica, then leave them with a pro-life gospel message to save both lives and souls.

In the Womb, presents the facts of fetal development from a secular source, which the lost may find more credible than a typical pro-life source. The tract includes the gospel, a QR code to (so readers can immediately view it on their smart phones), and testimonies of pregnant women who changed their minds after viewing "180."

Customer Reviews
reviewed by: IB4J
June 28, 2014
Great tract with pictures of children while in the womb. We pass these along to a local “Pro Life” clinic. Solid Savational message on the last 3 pages.
It has a mention on the back of the pamphlet of the com site, encouraging those considering an abortion to watch it online before any decisions are made.

I wish I had something like this 25 years ago, when I was pointing a woman to Christ, and looking to keep her from killing her child through abortion.
reviewed by: patscomfort
April 04, 2014
Priceless! I've given this out many times outside of Planned Parenthood, and the responses are great... a simple, direct way to bring personhood to the unborn and the Gospel to the unsaved!
reviewed by: jdctjc
December 09, 2013
Great resource along with 180 cards to hand out at Girl Scout Cookie time. We are giving ours to the Girl Scout Moms in hopes to change their views on abortion and the funding of them. May even a single life be saved.
reviewed by: kinkasr
April 18, 2012
I give these tracts away at work and my 15 year old daughter gives them away at her High School. To God Be the Glory! 1 Abortion is too many in our country and our world!
reviewed by: Hobblegobble6
March 30, 2012
Light in the darkness--our mother's womb. God's most Sacred protected place, causes
me to actually Tremble!
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