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Mission Europe: PRAGUECómo compartirle a un Miembro de la Familia

  • Hell's Best Kept Secret
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(38 minutes on DVD, Basic Training Course version)

RON DICIANNI: "Ray Comfort forever changed my approach to sharing the gospel."

TOM GRINNER, Gateway Broadcasting: "This is the hottest message on the planet!"

PASTOR REB BRADLEY: "It will revolutionize the Church."

PASTOR WAYNE WELBORN: "The best thing I have ever heard!"

PASTOR KEN ARMSTRONG: "I began to weep as I saw the importance of this message."

PASTOR JEROD MCPHERSON: "'Hell's Best Kept Secret' has completely destroyed my theology. What was first anger toward you caused me to search the Scripture, and has now turned to a sincere thank-you."

SCOTT WILSON, KY: "Today I listened to 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' for the first time. It changed the way I look at everything. I was blind to it until today."

PASTOR CHRIS STOCKWELL: "I listened to [the audio of] 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' 250 times!"

TOM ELLIFF, Past-president of the Southern Baptist Convention: "'Hell's Best Kept Secret' is a message every congregation needs to hear."

EVANGELIST LARRY TAYLOR: "After a thousand revivals and area crusades, I have used a lot of soul-winning materials. "Hell's Best Kept Secret" is the greatest single tool I have ever found."
Customer Reviews
reviewed by: Anonymous
October 26, 2009
Praise the Lord! I've always wanted to know how to present the Gospel and hsd no idea--now I do. Thank you for your faithfulness!
reviewed by: Anonymous
September 01, 2009
Top Notch! However I do like the presentation of the Word Productions version better is this available on DVD? I have wo
out my video tape.
reviewed by: sinisachoice89
August 26, 2009
This video is great,very informative.
reviewed by: Anonymous
August 09, 2009
Alleluia!!! Glory!!! Glory!!! Alleluia!!!
reviewed by: jnc4jesus
March 12, 2009
This video is a must see for every Believer! For yrs we used the wrong method of witnessing. We are so grateful God gave Ray Comfort this simple message and method for reaching the lost, doing it the way Jesus did, and then teaching us to do the same. And we are so proud of Kirk Cameron for his heartfelt involvment in WOTM ministries, and the impact he has made for Jesus. We pray for God's blessings & protection as you both continue to reach out to the lost & teach believers to do the same.
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