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Love you, but disappointed Review by Gerald
Dear brothers - While I have been a long time supporter of your products and your movies, even helping to fund them, I am sorry to say that this one fell short. Being the spouse of one who is born again and yet has struggled with depression, I was hoping that this would be a film heavy on the love of God and the healing that comes through Him and His word. We were surprised that it seemed to give the impression that if only you were born again you would have no depression. While I know that you never intended to give that message, it sure seemed to come off that way. I would have loved to seen more from the Psalms and other passages that show the hope and love of our Mighty God along with more testimonies of those who have made it through to give hope to those who are in the midst. I purchased this and was hoping to show it to a friend of ours who is suffering depression and contemplating suicide and I just don't think that it is a resource that I would share with someone in that position. I know your heart and I share it. I just think this one fell short. Too heavy on the depressing side and light on the hope that is in Christ. (Posted on 7/13/2017)
Amazing and brought to perspective Review by Joseph
As usual this is another great movie from Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministries. This really made me think as well as taught me things I honestly had no idea about or even realized. I will def. be referring this to everyone especially pastors for their church's and youth group leaders. (Posted on 7/13/2017)

2 Item(s)

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