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The Evidence Bible (Duo-tone)

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The Best Review by Jane
This is the number one bible here at our ranch, Ray is the number one teacher in our book. Every Christian should have this bible! (Posted on 9/14/2017)
My most favorite Bible Review by Kelly
I first got this Bible in 2011 as part of my banks rewards program. I then knew I needed it in soft cover so I got it on-sale at a Christian bookstore and had it engraved with my name. It is my most used Bible. I have definitely grown in my faith since finding this terrific resource.

Every Christian should have one! (Posted on 8/1/2016)
Every Christian Needs One Review by Phil
I had a older version of this Bible and gave it to a new Christian that wanted to be sure that he knew God and knew why he knew God. The study notes are priceless as they contain everything you need to be able to witness in any situation. Very excited to replace it and look forward to using it daily in my ministry. (Posted on 10/22/2015)
A very good Bible! Review by AARON
My family loves Bibles. We love the NKJV version. Usually, we will only purchase Cambridge Bibles due to the durability and longevity. We home-church so our Bibles get used a lot. They get more miles on them then a Yugo! So we pay more so they last longer. My wife's current Bible is the NKJV Pitt Minion Reference Edition brown goatskin leather is three years old. She sleeps with it, eats with it, and always keeps it on her. She has never been in the service but I believe her Bible has seen battle! My oldest son's Bible is the NKJV Wide-Margin Reference Black Calf Split leather bound and less than a year old. It is in good condition. Mine is the NKJV Wide-Margin Reference Blue Hardcover Bible and about five years old. I wanted a hard cover because at the time I did not have a desk to take a lot of notes in my Bible so the hard cover works as a desk top.

My youngest son recently got saved and I baptized him. So, for his celebration we purchased the Evidence Bible. The first thing that I noticed that appealed to me was the larger print. I love the size of print in the Evidence Bible. The second thing that I really liked was all of Ray's sermon notes and quotes in there. I really love that. One thing that had turned me to the Cambridge Bible was that they did not have commentaries at the bottom of every page. I find myself in disagreement a lot with these publishers who print Bibles and don't believe Genesis is real or Behemoth or Leviathan were real dinosaurs or sea creatures. I read one commentary where they had Behemoth as a hippo! Now I have seen a hippo but have never seen a hippo's tail that resembled a cedar tree. So I am usually not a fan of man's commentary in the Bible. I teach my family the Bible "We shall not adjust the Bible to the age. We shall adjust the age to the Bible. - Charles Spurgeon". However, Ray does not use his opinion. He uses facts. He uses tried, true methods.He uses Godly men of the past. He uses science from Answers in Genesis (which it is about time a New Zealand man and an Australian man that God sent to us in America, team up). I think it is an excellent Bible. I only have one problem with it. I would pay the extra money for the real leather because I like to put notes and pages and book marks in my Bible. This is how good it is: my family has been coveting my youngest son's Evidence Bible over our Cambridge Bibles. So, today we ordered three more! If I could get Ray to skin a goat and put the goat hide on the Evidence Bible I would buy it. I will even pay for the skinning tools and the camera Ray. In fact Ray, EZ, and Mark could do a survival show to get enough skins for the Bibles. God Bless everybody at Living Waters!!
(Posted on 8/27/2015)
The Evidence Bible is invaluable to me in my witness encounters. Review by copyright
Sincerely put the evidence bible is invaluable to me in my witness encounters. There is so much information and I'm only on genesis. This is a must have for all who are looking for the answers to those difficult questions on everything from evolution to proof of the resurrection. Thank God for the Living Waters ministry (Posted on 1/23/2015)
Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Review by hbrimner
Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! This Bible is helpful if you want to learn how to effectively witness to someone. It also shows you what other religions believe. I am a teenager, and I LOVE this Bible!!! (Posted on 1/23/2015)
I absolutely love the Evidence Bible. Review by edlaboy79
I absolutely love the Evidence Bible. I got the two tone leather one. Of the four bibles that I own, the evidence bible is the first one I go to for fact checks. And to study in general, I purchased an extra two bibles for family members. (Posted on 1/23/2015)
I LOVE the Evidence Bible! Review by Jpcjbiggers
I LOVE the Evidence Bible! What a great tool for equipping believers to share the Gospel! Thank you so much for doing this. By far the BEST BIBLE I have ever owned. The only way to improve this Bible would be to include scripture references. What a blessing it is! (Posted on 1/23/2015)

8 Item(s)

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